Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Delighting in Boxing Day

Sitting on the little sofa squished right up next to the tree, digging into the Lindor chocolates. I have my nan's crochet blanket on the sofa which has a special pocket in it for putting sweet wrappers: good use of a spare crochet square nan! We've just had another Christmas dinner, this time pheasant and salmon wellington. Yesterday we started off the day at home opening presents in bed with the cats enjoying the ribbon and paper. Lots of lovely presents and homemade cards for each other.

Me and M bought the same thing for each other, Lee Hazlewood's 'A House Safe For Tigers' which I mentioned in the last brief post. The rest of the day was spent having a fine time with Mr and Mrs O . Lots of relaxed fun.
Apart from the opening of presents in bed the other traditions we have established over the the years include a meal on Christmas Eve after all the prep is done, often fondue. Me watching 'The Snowman' on Christmas Eve, this year the delightful but sad 'The Snowman and the Snow Dog'. Watching 'Bad Santa'. M making a game pie and glazed ham . For Christmas Day breakfast I always make something potted, this year potted crayfish tails. For the tree we have a woodland theme, M is very serious about the decorating of the tree and would get a tree on 1st December if he could. I  make a swag for the front door with a chopped off lower branch.

We also have a homemade advent calendar which is lots of envelopes and small boxes in a corner of the kitchen.

The last couple of years I've established a new tradition purely for my girl friends, 'Christmas for Girls' which takes place a few days before Christmas and involves lots of fizz, clementine cake and not a pork pie or massive slab of ham in sight. We never get away with this when the men are about! Boys are 'sent' to the pub. I don't think they mind!

I love the bit of the holidays between Christmas and New Year when they are endless plates of snacks from the fridge to be had and craft to be done and catch up tv and much needed relaxing.

One of the lovely presents M got me was a LP and cd by 'The Shangri-las', who I love. I'll leave you with one of their finest tracks

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